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Imported - Noodle

Instant Noodle(Ramyun) consists of fried noodle and ordinary noodle with powder soup. In general, powder soup is packaged and liquid soup (seasoned soybean sauce, sesame oil), paste and other condiments such as dried vegetables, dried meat can be added to complement the flavor and quality.

In terms of instant noodle(ramyun) consumption pattern, Korea, Japan, China and Indonesia are leading the global market, of which the staple food is noodle. On top of that, instant noodle is relatively cheap and localized in each region, which makes it more popular. In particular, it is very easy to cook, thus highly convenient for men to use.

Instant noodle is always fried in fresh oil as it is fried in frying equipment into which new fresh oil is continuously fed. The quality of oil is strictly regulated (below 2 in acid level, below 30 in peroxide level), thus the very fact that the quality of products is maintained without discharging oil is indicative of the superiority of technology capabilities that nowadays noodle manufacturers have.