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Catering - Bean Curd (TOFU)

Beancurd, also known as Tofu, is a soft, cheese-like food made by curdling fresh hot soymilk with a coagulant. Traditionally, the curdling agent used to make tofu is nigari, a compound found in natural ocean water, or calcium sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral. Curds also can be produced by acidic foods like lemon juice or vinegar. The curds then are generally pressed into a solid block.

For those interested in tofu, newer naturally concentrated products are available with much better flavor than tofu products. Because of a patented, natural concentration process, just 1 Revival Soy bar or shake contains the amount of isoflavones found in about a pound of tofu.

Tofu was first used in China around 200 B.C. Although the discovery of the process for making tofu is lost to the ages, Chinese legend has it that the first batch of tofu was created by accident. A Chinese cook added nigari to flavor a batch of pureed, cooked soybeans; the nigari produced the curd that we know today as tofu.

Today, tofu is a dietary staple throughout Asia. This delicate food is made fresh daily in thousands of tofu shops and sold on the street.


Manufacturing Process






Let the soybean digestive with pure water.


Whet the soybean and trans- form into a liquid(soymilk).


Mix the soymilk with salty wa- ter.







Whilst soymilk has turned soft beancurd, fill the beancurd to a molding container.


Solid beancurd is finally ma- de after pressed in a press- ure machine.


Cool the cutted beancurd in a cold water for 20 minutes and it's ready to pack.