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Catering - Rice Cake


Rice cake is made by steaming or boiling cakes of rice powder, are presumed to have existed since before the Three Kingdom Period. Rice cakes are an all time Korean favorite that have been enjoyed since the introduction of rice cultivation in the ancient times. They are an important part of all holiday meals and served in important ceremonies such as a baby's first birthday, weddings, and sixtieth birthdays (which are usually regarded as the start of a new life or rebirth) and also appear on the tables prepared for ancestral memorial rites.

Rice cakes boast of a long tradition in the Korean history. Being indigenous and widely favored, rice cakes have many varieties. Most of them are made of rice, but other ingredients such as bean, red bean, chestnut, flowers, and herbs are also added to make variations of marvelous flavors, scents, and colors. The records of Joseon show as much as about 250 different types of rice cakes.

The Rice Cake making process varies from type to type, but most are cooked using the following method: First, rice is ground into powder. The next stage differs depending on what kind of rice cake one is to make. For some the powder is moistened and steamed in an earthenware steamer. For others, the powder is mixed with warm water and kneaded into dough. The dough is then shaped, boiled or steamed. Some are then pounded or fried. Additional steps such as decorations, coating and filling are also taken resulting in the countless types of tteok.

Manufacturing Process






Wash the rice (4 times) to make sure it's cleaned enough.


Mix the rice with salty seasoning and grind to transform to a rice flour.


Steam the rice flour for around 15 minutes.







After it's well stamed, use Rice Cake Cooking Machine to add gooeyness to the cake.


Repeat the transformation for several times.


Output the final rice cake. Cool them in a cold water, nicely cut them and it's ready for packing.