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Traditional Snacks

> Tteok (traditional rice cake)
Tteok is traditional Korean cake made of rice powder. Koreans prepare it for festive occasions such as birthdays and weddings as well as for ancestral memorial services. They also have it on seasonal occasions such as Seollal (Lunar New Year¡¯s Day) and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day). Koreans have the custom to prepare Ttoek when they move residence, and distribute a plateful to the new neighbors. It makes a natural and healthful snack.

Types of Ttoek

> Hangwa (traditional sweet and cookies)

Hangwa is appreciated for its artistic and decorative colors and patterns as well as for its pleasing sweet taste. Often along with traditional beverages, it is regarded as a healthful snack and classy dessert. Beautifully packaged backets or boxes of Hangwa also make excellence gifts, expecially appropriate for the elderly. It is available at shops specializing in traditional cakes and special sections in department stores.

Types of Hangwa
-Yeot Gangjeong

> Hwachae (traditional cold beverage)

Traditional cold beverage are called Hangwa. They are usually made with fruits or grains and water sweetened by either sugar or honey, or flavored and colored by Omija (fruit of ¡°five-taste¡± tree, Schisandra chinensis). There are also Whachae made from Oriental medicinal foods, azalea or pine pollen.

Types of Hwachae
-Fruit Hwachae