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Most Favored

> Bulgogi (marinated barbecue beef or pork)
Widely kwon as Korean barbecue, bulgogi is definitely the favorite dish for visitors. Thin strips beef marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, onion and chili are grilled over charcoal, or grilled on a special dripping pan. It is usually eaten in bundles with rice or vegetables, wrapped in lettuce or other leaves.

> Bibimbab (steamed rice with assorted beef and vegetables)
Seasoned beef and various seasoned vegetables such as bean sprouts, spinach, crown daisy, bracken, roots of Chinese bellflower, watercress and shiitake mushroom are nicely arranged on the steamed rice. Then, all are mixed with hot pepper soybean paste. The recipe of Bibimbab is a little bit different according to regions. It surely is an excellent dish a la carte in taste and nutrition.

> Galbi (grilled ribs)
Galbi is marinated overnight and grilled over charcoal or a gas grill built into the center of the table, and served with vegetables. Dwaeji Galbi is pork ribs; Galbi itself refers to beef ribs but this is sometimes referred to as Sogalbi.

> Other Favored Foods
-Juk (porridge)
-Samgyetang (stewed ginseng-stuffed chicken)
-Mandu (dumpling)
-Seolleongtang (beef bone soup)