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July. 1999       Founded Korea Foods Co. Ltd. (Weir Rd. Unit 18. 600sqft)
Mar. 2002       Korea Foods Co. Ltd. expanded and relocated (Unit 5 Wyvern Ind. Estate)
Jun. 2003       Seoul Plaza 1 opened in New Malden High St)
Jul. 2004       Seoul Plaza 2 opened in New Malden, Malden Rd
Dec. 2004       Korea Foods promoted foods from the province of 2004 Korean Food Fair of Chungcheongbuk-do
Mar. 2005       2005 International Food Exhibition
Mar. 2005       Entered an exclusive agreement with Korea's Agricultural Supplier Chungcheungbuk -do
May. 2005       Opened Seoul Plaza 3 in Cambridge, Mill Rd
Sep. 2005       The main shop relocated to a larger premise to Unit 4 Wyvern Ind. Estate
Sep. 2005       Korea Foods sponsored the 2005 Retail Industry Award and sat as one of the judges
Jul. 2006       Opened Korea Foods in Bratislava, Slovakia
Dec. 2006       Seoul Plaza 4 opened in London, Golders Green Rd
Aug. 2007       Opened Korea Foods GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany
Feb. 2008       Seoul Plaza 5 opened in Bournemouth, UK
Apr. 2008       Exhibited FOOD & DRINK EXPO, NEC Birmingham, UK
JUN. 2008       Exhibited Union Show 2008, Telford, UK
AUG. 2008       Opened korea Foods USA in California, USA
NOV. 2008       Foods Co. Ltd. expanded to Unit 6 Wyvern Ind. Estate