Korea Foods expands further to West Europe!

Korea Foods expands further to Western Europe! Korea Foods GmbH is the third company under the umbrella of Korea Foods Co. Ltd. based in the UK. According to the demands of our customers on the Continent and with a clear vision for Western Europe, we now open our sister company in Germany. Korea Foods GmbH covers Western Europe including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Holland. Our aim is to serve oriental expatriates and locals with an excellent oriental food range from daily staples such as rice to other rare delicacies. We import directly from countries such as Korea, Japan, China, USA etc. to deliver authentic tastes of Oriental and other Asian foods as fresh as possible.

Korea Foods offer proven quality of oriental products and a thrilling experience of various Asian tastes!

We are happy to deliver our best service and assist your needs regarding healthy Asian food products.

Please feel free to contact us about our service and products through our contact details below.

Korea Foods GmbH
Telefon: 069 30858335
Telefax: 069 30858336

Hochster Str. 78, 65835 Liederbach, Germany




Hochster Str. 78, 65835 Liederbach, Germany



+49 (0)69 30858335


+49 (0)69 30858336



(or brenda@koreafoods.de)



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